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On this page, we list all kind of KONNEKTING related projects and of course devices.

ID Overview

Naming Guide

If you look at different KNX device vendors, you will easily see, that they have a specific device name pattern. For KONNEKTING it would be good to have also a kind of device name pattern.

Recommendation so far:

  • Find a "short name" for your device. For instance, if you have a LED PWM Dimmer, you could name it "LED Dimmer", and the short version could be "LEDD"
  • Check if your device has channels or inputs... For instance your dimmer could have 4 channels/outputs.
  • Check if the device exists in it's first, 2nd or 3rd "major version".

Combine all three things together:


LEDD --> LED Dimmer
4 --> 4 channels
. --> just a separator
1 --> 1st version


Template for new pages: Device/Kits Template


Not completed:

Ideas / Wishes:

REG Components




Konnekting Rail System XL

The KRS-XL is a bunch of modular hard- and software for building devices in big DIN Rail Cases - 6, 9 and 12 TE. It is designed for high channel applications.

Read more: Konnekting Rail System XL