KONNEKTING Device Library 1.0.0-RC1 Release Notes

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New and Noteworthy

Porting beta4 to beta5/1.0.0-RC1

Things you need to adapt or consider to port your sketch and .kdevice.xml to beta5:

  • Sketch:
    • Function getFreeEepromOffset was renamed to getMemoryUserSpaceStart to reflect the new memory layout.
  • .kconfig.xml files have a new format. So you need to start the configuration of your devices from scratch. There's no conversion tool yet available.
  • .kdevice.xml also has a new format. To make it work again, you need to:
    • Add SystemType parameter to <Device> tag, typically SystemType="1", e.g. <Device ManufacturerId="57005" DeviceId="255" Revision="0" SystemType="1">. [[
    • Add attribute TestList="" to any <*Dependency> element in your .kdevice.xml
  • ... TODO ...