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Welcome to KONNEKTING's Wiki Pages. If you're looking for the project's website, please visit

Here in this wiki you will find, sooner or later, depending on the number of contributors, all relevant information about KONNEKTING and KONNEKTING device development.


How to get an wiki account?

You want to contribute to this wiki? Great! Please ensure that you're registered (free!) as a manufacturer HERE ! All new registered manufacturers will get an wiki account automatically.

If you are already registered as a manufacturer and have no wiki account yet: Please write to info[at] and tell us your Manufacturer ID. We will setup your account with the email address that is registered with this ID as soon as possible.


  • Please contribue in english language if you can. This would be helpful for our friends from outside german speaking area (and we already have a few ...)
  • Please don't prefix everything with "KNX" oder "KONNEKTING". This wiki is about KONNEKTING, so you don't need to prefix Page Names etc. with "KONNEKTING".
  • If you upload images oder media files, please give them speaking names. "DCIM037462.JPG" is not a good name compared to "FooBarControllerV1_0.jpg". Got it?
  • Don't create pages with placeholdercontent like "coming soon" or "to be done". If you want to create pages with no content yet, just put the link and leave the page empty.
  • Try to adapt your own pages to the format of existing pages. We try to create "templates" that you can copy&paste for project pages etc... Pls. make use of them.

Accepting the Contribution License Agreement

We appreciate contributions from our community, but we require all contributors to accept the KONNEKTING Contributor License Agreement so that we have the legal right to decide about further licensing.

Our contribution agreement states that you (1) grant KONNEKTING a license to use the contribution in any way we choose, and (2) confirm that the contributed code is your original work. An important thing to note is that we do NOT require an assignment of the copyright in the contributed code or documentation. This means that a contributor maintains ownership of his code while also giving KONNEKTING the rights it needs in order to use the contribution.