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KONNEKTING Manufacturer ID List

If you want to create an KONNEKTING device, you have to have a manufacturer ID. The ID is a 16-bit value and is used to prevent conflicts when programming devices. You can register your ID for free. Please drop us a email with your

  • Manufacturer Name
  • a short description of you and/or your company, at least your full name
  • and a contact information, like a valid email or mail address


  • Manufacturer Name: Max Mustermann
  • Description: Mustermann Ltd.
  • Contact: max@mustermannltd.de

  • Manufacturer Name: Max Mustermann
  • Description: KNX User Forum / MaxMustermann0815
  • Contact: max@mustermannltd.de

--> register@konnekting.de

The Device ID and Revision, which is also required for a working KONNEKTING Device is completely up to you. You have to ensure by yourself that you do not create duplicates and conflicts.


  1. Why do I have to register?

We don't force you to register. As long as you build devices just for you, you can do whatever you want. But we would like to see you share your device with the world. So others would use your Sketch/Firmware as well, which may then conflict with an existing ID...

  1. How many devices can be created with one manufacturer id?

You can create up to 256 devices which can have 256 revisions. So in sum 65536 devices are possible with just one manufacturer ID. Choosing device ID and revision is up to you.

  1. Can I have ID 12345 (insert any ID here)?

In principle yes, but we try to fill the gaps from the beginning of the list.


The following list shows the known/registered manufacturers (not devices!)

ID dec ID hex Name Description Contact* Date
0..255 0000..00FF KONNEKTING Team system reserved info@konnekting.de 01.01.2016
256 0100 Mag Gyver KNX User Forum foxfox[a]versanet.de 01.01.2016
257 0101 dreamy1 KNX User Forum stejak9999[a]gmail.com 28.02.2015
258 0102 ProtoLab 3D printers and others prototypes protolabch[a]gmail.com 25.08.2016
259 0103 Hassel K. KNX User Forum hassel[a]audiocommand.de 16.09.2016
260 0104 simplesign.de Andreas Michel support[a]simplesign.de 07.11.2016
261 0105 ivande KNX User Forum ivande[a]gmx.net 10.01.2017
262 0106 Simon Golpe KNX User Forum simongolpevarela[a]hotmail.de 30.10.2017
263 0107 Peterich KNX User Forum tomypter89[a]gmail.com 05.01.2018
264 0108 Sonnengruesser KNX User Forum ah-angst[a]gmx.at 10.02.2018
265 0109 Frank Plass Frank Plass konnekting[a]f-plass.de 24.04.2018
266 010A Thomas Willi KNX User Forum info[a]thomas-willi.de 25.06.2018
267 010B Chris Lelie LELIE electronics leliekonnekting[a]gmail.com 18.09.2018
268 010C Klaus Weltermann Ingenieurbüro Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Weltermann klaus[a]weltermann.eu 22.10.2018
269 010D Michael Rüttgers Michael Rüttgers michael[a]ruettgers.eu 22.11.2018
270 010E bonzai KNX User Forum / bonzai konnekting[a]bonzais-garden.de 13.12.2018
271 010F Markus Netzlaff KNX User Forum / netzlaff info[a]netzlaff.de 22.01.2019
272 0110 Albatros Frank Klee fklee[a]t-online.de 23.03.2019
273 0111 MC-Devices KNX User Forum / SX3 m.cheraghi@hotmail.com 23.03.2019
274 0112 traxanos KNX User Forum m.cheraghi@hotmail.com 24.07.2019
666 029a MGK KNX User Forum knx[a]grzlhmpf.de 24.09.2018
1908 0774 Eden Devices KNX Special Sensors technobucks[a]gmail.com 06.02.2018
2069 0815 Jens Höppner / jentz1986 KNX User Forum mail[a]jens-hoeppner.de 05.03.2018
3333 0D05 Ahlqvist Joakim Ahlqvist konnekting[a]ahlqvist.name 11.04.2017
4112 1010 René Seigert KNX User Forum rene_seigert[a]me.com 12.10.2016
7070 1B9E Eugen Burkowski KONNEKTING Team e.burkowski[a]konnekting.de 12.02.2016
29495 7337 SirSydom KNX User Forum com[a]sirsydom.de 10.02.2018
43981 ABCD Matthias Freudenreich KONNEKTING KNX.Matthias[a]gmx.de 15.02.2016
48842 BECA Josef L. KNX User Forum josef-konnekting[a]2lj.de 26.02.2016
48879 BEEF Artur Pajonk Cleveres-Heim konnekting[a]cleveres-heim.de 23.03.2019
49374 C0DE Alexander Christian KONNEKTING Team knx[a]root1.de 15.02.2016
51966 CAFE E. Hermanns / emax KNX User Forum emax[a]hermanns.net 15.02.2016
52700 CDDC Christian Dürnberger / ChriD KNX User Forum chris_d85[a]hotmail.com 27.05.2018
56506 DCBA Digihome Custom Electronic Interfaces info[a]digihome.io 24.07.2019
57005 DEAD KONNEKTING Team For testing only info@konnekting.de 01.01.2016
64738 FCE2 Northman KNX User Forum northman[a]gmx.de 25.04.2016

*note: '@' replaced by '[a]'

Click here for a list of known Device IDs: https://wiki.konnekting.de/index.php/Device_ID_List