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The software for programming/parametrizing is a platform independant, graphical desktop application. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. To keep it short, we just name it "Suite".

An XML file defines what your kdevice can do (and what not). So each devices type needs such a "device definition" with the file suffix “.kdevice.xml”. The XML contains a name/ID for the device, which communication-objects it has and of course what parameter you can set/configure. It's kind of similar to the "ETS product database" (.knxprod/.vd4) file you should already know.

With help of this XML file you can add new devices, give them an individual address, associate group addresses with the communication objects, setup parameters and finally push the complete configuration via KNX bus to the device with just one click (and one initial button press on the device).

How to program a device

With the "Suite" you can program an individual address (aka. physical address/PA) as well as group-addresses (GA) and device parameters (means: device settings). It's currently not possible to program the "firmware or sketch" of an arduino to a device.

There are currently 4 programming modes in the suite available:

  • red button: programs all: the individual address, groupaddress assignments and parameters. REQUIRES PROG-BUTTON PRESS ON DEVICE!
  • orange button: like the red button, but without the individual address
  • yellow button: just the group address assignments
  • green button: just the parameters

The first time you program a device, the device needs an individual address. Otherwise you cannot do anything with it, as it is not "adressable". And as it is not adressable if it's not programmed at all, you need to press the "prog button" on the device, so that the suite is able to find it on the bus.

So, starting with your first programming of a device, follow this steps:

  1. Configure a individual address for the device in the suite (Tab 'Device')
  2. Give the required communication objects group addresses (Tab 'Communication Objects')
  3. Check and set parameters of the device (Tab 'Parameters')
  4. Press the PROG BUTTON on the device. The PROG LED on the device must turn ON.
  5. Press the "red button" in the suite

That's all. The Suite will search for the device and programm it. On further changes, you can use the other buttons to update the device programming. Unless you change the individual address, you don't habe to press the PROG BUTTON on your device. The Suite is able to directly address the device.


You can download the latest release via the project's github page: https://github.com/KONNEKTING/KonnektingSuite/releases