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There are four sources of information for KONNEKTING:


http://www.konnekting.de is our "landing page". There you get the latest news and blog articles. Also you will find a first high-level introduction to what KONNEKTING is. Also all other pages are linked.

KNX User Forum

KNX User Forum - KONNEKTING project board is our discussion forum where user meets developers. You have questions? You have issues with hardware or our software: POst your question and get your answer not only from the core KONNEKTING team, but also from the community. Although it's a german forum, you can register and post your questions or discuss with us in english.


On Gitlab we host our software and source code. This is the place where you need to be, if you count yourself a "KONNEKTING developer".


If you want to get short and interesting news, follow us on twitter. We try to push great news first on this social media channel. So, for being always up2date, follow us: https://twitter.com/KONNEKTING_DE