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1. Install Arduino IDE

Getting Started can you find here: [LINK:|] -> there are a lot of information and tutorials

2. Add needed libraries

Alternative 1: Download Arduino libs using Arduino IDE

Select "Sketch" -> "Add library" and on the top "manage libraries..."

You can now search the libraries-repository for the needed libraries, e.g. KonnektingDeviceLibrary

Alternative 2: Download Arduino Libs directly as zip-files

Refer your Hardware requirements.

In general you need at least KonnektingDeviceLibrary Download link ([1]) -> KONNEKTING Lib

To install from a zip file, you need to download the zip file to your PC, e.g. Desktop. Click on both links on the green Button (Clone or Download) -> Download ZIP

Installing Additional Arduino Libraries [HowTo:|]

add the .ZIP files you downloaded in 2. (as described in the instructions)

4. Open Arduino IDE with the sketch code

Open the Arduino Code (so called "Sketch") and connect the KNX device over USB with your PC

5. Set the Arduino Board

click in the Arduino IDE -> Tools -> set the Board to "Arduino/Genduino Zero (Native USB Port)"

6. Set the USB Port

Click in the Arduino IDE -> Tools -> set the Port to the Port that matches your device best, a lot of Konnekting Hardware is based on "Arduino/Genduino Zero (Native USB Port)"

7. Upload the Code to the KNX-Device

click the green arrow to upload the code.

--> Finish