Modular LED Dimmer 1-12CH

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Modular LED Dimmer 1-12CH
Modular led dimmer proto01.jpg
Developer SirSydom
Phase Beta Version in productive environment
µC-Board Arduino Pro Mini/Pro Micro/Micro/Mega 2560/ItsyBitsyM0
µC atmega328p/atmega32u4/atmega 2560/SAMD21
KNX SiemensBCU / MiniBCU / MicroBCU

Short Description

The idea behind this "device" is to create a common software and hardware design, to enable the advanced user to build a custom LED-Dimmer.

Soldering and PCB will be limited to Breadboard, so everyone who knows which side of the soldering iron will get hot can build it.

It will support a range of 1 up to 12 channels using the 16bit timer/pwm of the atmega µControllers.

Depending on the number of channels, it can be built into a REG-Case for central usage or into module case for decentral usage.

It will support CV (constant voltage) LED up to 24V and CC (constant current) LED.

Maybe for some configurations I (or someone else) will design a pcb.

While the current prototype runs on a Mega2560 Board, I plan switiching to SAMD21 on a ItsyBitsyM0 Board with MicroBCU and a PCA9685 I2C PWM Driver. With this setup 24 channels in a 9TE casing seem to be possible.



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