Sliding Gate Controller for Wisniowski gates

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Sliding Gate Controller for Wisniowski gates
Developer SirSydom
Phase Idea
µC-Board Arduino Pro Mini
µC atmega328p
KNX SiemensBCU / MiniBCU / MicroBCU

Short Description

The sliding gate control Wisniowski ST-2 / AWso-2000 is a motor control for sliding gates. It can be controlled by 866MHz Remote Control and has some inputs for external control, but the usage is limited.

To enable the door the be controlled over KNX and to get status information, an additional device is neccessary.

This device will:

  • open/close the gate (by usage of the input contacts on the gate controller)
  • get moving status of the gate (by reading in the warning light)
  • get status of the limit switches (Open/Closed)
  • get status of the infrared barrier



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Information about the gate