DGC-CLDC0.01 CodeLock Door Controller

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Codelock and Doorlock Controller
IMG 20190826 065357703.jpg
Developer SirSydom
Phase Developement Completed
µC-Board ItsyBitsy M0 Express
µC SAMD21G18
Manufacturer/Device ID 7337 / 20
Repository On GitHub

Short Description

This device is a Codelock with KNX connection which can send KNX telegrams on inserting codes/commands.

It also has some direct outputs to control a automatic lock (Like Abus CFA1000 or similiar).

There is a Keypad for inserting the codes, a piezo speaker for signaling key press and correct/wrong codes, a interface to a Motorlock remote controll (with 3,3V supply).

It fits into a case 40x80x20 (Hammond 1551KTBU) and can be placed in a "Elektronik-Unterputzdose".


kdevice.xml: https://github.com/SirSydom/konnekting_codelock/blob/master/software/DGC-CLDC0.01/DGC-CLDC0.01.kdevice.xml

  • FW V1.00 (supports Piezo sound transducer) Link
  • FW V1.01 (supports Piezo buzzer) Link

I plan to update the FW as soon there is a Konnekting Device Library V1.0.0 released, supporting FOTB - Firmware Over The Bus


There will no be a Layout or even PVB. The PCB is very simple, you can build it with a bread board (Lochrasterplatine). Have a look here for help.

User Doc

Dev Doc

See GitHub

Build It

You need:

  • Adafruit ItsyBitsyM0 Arduino-Board
  • µBCU
  • Keypad with 4x3 Matrix (have a look at AliExpress)
  • Piezo-Buzzer
  • Hammond 1551KTBU
  • some ribbon cable 10 wires 1,27

(not complete, tbd)


KNXUF Thread Konnekting Codelock

KNXUF Thread günstiges wasserdichtes Metall-Keypad (~25USD)

KNXUF Thread Abus Hometec CFA / CFB