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We focus on devices found on and support following chips for following devices:

  • Atmel ATmega 328P
    • Arduino Nano
    • Arduino ProMini
  • Atmel ATmega 32U4
    • Arduino Leonardo
    • Arduino Micro
  • Atmel/Microchip SAMD21G18
    • Arduino Zero

Our KONNEKTING Device Library has been developed and tested against the following platforms:

It is totally okay to use cheap Arduino boards from ebay or aliexpress, but you should be aware of the matching type of board according to the board-definitions of the platforms we use.

Our current and clear recommendation is, to use a SAM21G18 based board, as the chip provides 32k RAM and 256k Memory and 48Mhz clock speed. So plenty of space and performance at lowest possible current consumption. Be aware that there are different SAMD boards out there:

  • Boards which refer to "M0"
  • Boards which refer to "Zero"

Both may use different bootloader and both use in general differen pin-definitions. So you cannot really use the same sketch on both. You have to adapt to the few differences they have.

Boards we can recommend

WeMos SAMD21 mini


This board uses Arduino Zero Bootloader. It has no OnBoard (pin 13) LED.

P.S. This board was neither developed nor produced by WeMos... So you can't find it on WeMos homepage...

WeMos SAMD21


This board is "big brother" of WeMos SAMD21 mini. It has a standard Arduino UNO R3 pin layout with additional RX(31) and TX(30) pins (UART name: Serial)

Elecrow Crowduino M0 SD

Elecrow Crowduino M0-SD

Attention: this boards runs a "M0 bootloader". Please ensure that you select the correct board in Arduino IDE. It's "Arduino M0 Pro (Native USB Port)". KONNEKTING (talk) to be verified ...

Cost:~14US$ directly from Elecrow

Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Express



  • small size (1.5"/0.8" => 15x7 Pins 2.54 Grid )
  • 2MB SPI Flash (ready for [FOTB_-_Firmware_Over_The_Bus]
  • quality supplier (Adafruit), no china crap

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